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Industry Status

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The company's position in the industry is the top three

PK10投注The company's position in the industry is the top three, with a wide range of products, strong development capabilities, and high cost performance in the industry has a relatively high reputation, due to the industry's first in the world with Japan's Ogura clutch machine company cooperation, the company's brand in the industry Has been a certain increase.

The most diverse company in the world

Clutch products develop more than 1,700 models and are the most versatile company in the world, covering 85% of the world's automotive models. Occupation ratio: foreign: 50% domestic: 50%

Annual growth rate of more than 25%

In 2016, sales were 63 million yuan, sales in 2017 were 78 million yuan, and sales in 2018 were expected to be 98 million yuan.

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